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About us

CleanWave is an award-winning near shore wave-to-energy converter (WEC) that generates electricity from waves. It has a patented technology and currently moving to TRL-7 level commercialization phase. The wave energy community & passionate team of engineers are making it even better day by day.

CleanWave is the national winner of GCIP 2014 by UNIDO, GEF and Clean-Tech-Open. It offers a low-cost, low-risk investment for energy companies both due to the design of the WEC and targeted near-shore market having less harsh sea conditions but significant energy potential.

  • Scalable, lower cost investment aiming shorter ROI term and minimal OPEX
  • Oil free & nature friendly technology with environmental sensitivity
  • High electrical efficiency designed for 54% conversion and potential for more

Introducing Cleanwave Energy

Cleanwave Project

Ocean energy has the potential to play a significant role in the future energy system, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and stimulating economic growth in coastal and remote areas.

CleanWave is a near-shore Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that generates electricity via waves created mostly by wind over the seas. Company developed two verified working prototypes.

CleanWave is a patented technology. It is also awarded based on the votes of independent judges. It is 2014 GCIP - Global Clean Tech Innovation Programme Turkey National Winner and British Technology Summit 2014 3th Winner.

Project is accepted to the Vattenfall: Greenfield program which provides a direct channel to the potential clients for commercialized products

Wave Energy

Policy & Regulation: Ocean energy has attracted increasing interest, particularly in the EU, which is currently at the forefront of ocean energy development. In the EU, the aim is to reach 100 GW of combined wave and tidal capacity installed by 2050.

However, current forecasts estimate a global installed capacity of only about 170 MW by 2020, which represents only 7% of the NREAPs (Targets set by member states in National Renewable Energy Action Plans)

Over 50% of global RD&D investments in ocean energy are taking place within the EU.The EU has implemented support mechanisms to aid the development of ocean energy.66MW of ocean energy projects in the EU are expected to become operational by 2018.

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Why Choose Us

Award Winning

2014 National Champion of GCIP Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SME’s organized by UNIDO, GEF and CleanTechOpen

Awesome Design

CleanWave is designed from scratch to provide best ROI compared to other renewable marine energy investments.

Patented Technology

Cleanwave has three issued patents involving design and production. Pending applications are on the way!

High Efficiency

Designed for 54% conversion efficiency with room for improvements.

Easy Maintenance

CleanWave design is based on cheap and easy to replace parts to minimize operational costs.


Mechanical system design leaves no room for oil spills and toxic additives.

our best values

Core Features

Best Return on Investment
No Oil Spill Risk
Heavily Investing in R&D
Near Shore Location Lowers Risks
Easy to Maintain Mechanical System
Modular Design for Hybrid Features
Commercialization Already Started
No Toxic Aditives and Materials
Dedicated Team of Engineers

our team

Creative Advisors

Yalcin Gunes

Mechanical engineer, founder of the company, has been actively working on the development of the CleanWave wave energy converter device. Previously worked for Bechtel-Enka J.V. in different countries of Asia, Europe and Africa continents, in motorway, LNG import tank, petrochemical plant construction projects more than 20 years.

Onur Gunduru

Computer Engineer MSc, energy efficiency consultant and licensed auditor and serial entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience, contributing to the business development and R&D activities of CleanWave. Successfully completed EU funded research projects in clean-tech.

Ender Demirbas

Mechanical engineer, technical consultant of the CleanWave project, has been actively working on the development of the CleanWave wave energy converter device. Previously worked as manifacturing and assambly engineer and technical manager at various companies. He has more than 20 years of experience at on energy efficiency an manifacturing.

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Company History

Next Chapter


We are re-structuring to be a player in the leading international markets. Interested to join us? Please let us know over our twitter!

Patents Granted


We are happy to announce that two national and one international CleanWave patents have been granted.

Hello San Francisco!


GCIP Global brings together the world’s largest accelerator for cleantech startups with resources in developing countries.

GCIP 2014 Champion Award


We are the national champion of the Global Cleantech Open Challenge 2014! 93 applications were received from entrepreneurs.

Second Prototype


CleanWave PR2 is more powerful, rated 16-kW, and has better conversion efficiency. A critical step towards technology validation.

First Prototype


CleanWave PR1 is now operational. This model is aiming concept validation and financially supported by SME incentives of KOSGEB.

Start Journey


Company behind the CleanWave is founded in Ankara, Turkey. Proud to be among the renewable challengers.

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latest news

Re-Organization Started

2017, Izmir, Turkey - We are transforming CleanWave from a local renewable marine energy WEC provider to a global one. New roadmap involves moving to closer markets with adequate legal framework for wave energy. Please stay tuned and follow us our new twitter account!

Patents Granted!

2016 / Europe - We are happy to announce that two national and one international CleanWave patents have been granted. We are planning to apply for more and heavily invest in R&D activities along with a strong commercialization move.

2015 / San Francisco, California - Global GCIP finals are taking place in San Francisco and we are proud to be invited to this event. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet so many like-minded people and extend our network. GCIP brings together the world’s largest accelerator for cleantech startups with resources in developing countries.

CleanWave is a GCIP Champion!

2014 / Ankara, Turkey - We are product to be the national champion of Turkey in GCIP 2014. This globally recognized challenge is supported by UNIDO, GEF and Clean Tech Open to accelerate startups in clean-tech. The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) leverages the power of entrepreneurship to address our most challenging energy, environmental and economic problems.

10x More Energy

2013 / Tuzla, İstanbul - Second CleanWave Prototype is now operational and going through approval testing by independent TUBITAK judges in Tuzla. This 16-kW version is almost 10x bigger compared to the first prototype. Project is co-financed by Tubitak 1501. Commercial units are expected to reach almost 10x size in power rating.

First Prototype Ready

2011 / Düzce, Akçakoca – First CleanWave Prototype, rated 1.6-kW, now is in the water! Its performance is meeting the design criteria and has been validated by independent technical assurance. We’ve been working so hard to make this happen thanks to everyone involved. Project is co-financed by KOSGEB.

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